About us

DBS Architectes is a Swiss based design firm specializing in Sustainable Architectural, Urban and Landscape designs. It was founded in 2014 under the leadership of two epicurean Italian Architects, Giulio Sovran and Luigi di Berardino in Sion, the capital of Valais, located in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

“Whether the real strength of the design firm comesfrom the Italian Parmesan cheese or the world famous Raclette from Valais, or a cunning combination of both, has been debated ever since!”

Adding to this delightful cultural mixture, the legend says that one day at DBS, even a wheel of Parmesan cheese was scraped


Over the years, DBS has expanded its global presence, collaborating with architects from Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria, India, Colombia, Ukraine, Portugal, Germany, France and always welcoming ingenious minds, which could very well be our celestial neighbors from Mars and Venus. It has evolved into a melting pot of miscellaneous ideas, that are then curated by collective creative genius. These ideas manifest through ingenuity and functionality converging to craft exceptional spaces. DBS thus acts as a nexus of daring ideas, technical proficiency, and a deep passion for the art of design across diverse scales and socio-cultural contexts. Working almost round the clock, we are still on an epic quest of concocting a global cocktail of verbal exchange that bridges continents!

Our team of highly skilled architects and designers, specializing in BIM, is committed to converting concepts into tangible experiences. From initial concepts to elaborate designs and flawless achievements.

We meticulously oversee every step of the process, with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence.

Entwining the Swiss precision and imaginative flair, DBS Architectes weaves its architecture across the Swiss Alps and to infinity and beyond. However, amidst our international endeavors, a delightful confusion reigns among a merry band of us as we wander the whimsical wonderland of the Metaverse.

Our precious tools


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a collaborative and data-driven process that involves creating and managing dynamic digital models of buildings or infrastructure throughout their life-cycle, containing a whole series of information relating to geometry, materials, load-bearing elements, services, systems, costs and more. It integrates various types of information, promotes collaboration among stakeholders, enables visualization, supports data analysis, and facilitates life-cycle management. 

Our team comprises BIM Specialists who, in addition to dealing with the implementation of BIM processes within the studio, also craft the templates corresponding to the latest corporate standards. Through the use of the BIMx application, we offer our clients a comprehensive view of our BIM models, where they can access all project information, including the 2D documentation, the 3D model as well as any non-geometric information incorporated into the exported BIM model. 

At DBS Architectes, our design process is powered by GraphisoftArchicad BIM software. The integration of BIM in our daily workflow enhances our work efficiency by minimizing errors, reducing redrafts, and optimizing resource utilization. 


Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) stands as a specialized data format facilitating the seamless exchange of information models without any loss or distortion of data integrity. It serves as an open and neutral file format designed to break down barriers of any single software. Instead, its purpose is to simplify interoperability among diverse stakeholders in the design and construction industry.

Through the exchange of files in IFC 4 format, we collaborate closely with various professionals, including structural engineers, building service experts, as well as construction companies. 

This information exchange is independent from the BIM software enabling a more cohesive and integrated workflow throughout the design, construction and maintenance process.


Artificial intelligence (AI) in the architectural field represents an extraordinary technological revolution that is transforming the conventional process of designing, building and management of constructions. 

At DBS Architectes, as we contemplate the future, we embrace the transformative power of AI into our workflow. 

By integrating AI, we continually enhance our designs, optimizing space distribution, improving energy efficiency, and ensuring user safety. This cutting-edge technology also enables us to address complex design challenges and explore innovative solutions by analyzing vast amounts of data, helping us understand our clients' needs while considering various global and local aspects such as climate, topography, surroundings, and energy efficiency. Through procedural generation algorithms, we therefore envision innovative, data-driven design proposals, that are tailored to the unique project brief while also being environmentally, ecologically, and socially sustainable.