apartment blocks / January 13, 2017

If you want to buy an apartment and you want to know what you have to pay attention for, here you can find the main features of a well designed flat.

Immouble Laurina_Chalais

As an example I will show you a project that is now under construction, the immeuble Laurina in Chalais.

Let’s check some key points:


First, it is important to know the orientation of the apartment’s living room. The best orientations are, in order: South, West and East. If you want a big one, and the living room has only a north-facing, give up the idea to buy the flat.

In Chalais we designed the apartments only with South-east, South-West and North-West facings, getting a good sun exposure.

Immouble Laurina_Chalais

Apartments view

It’s really important that the apartments have at least two different views, for two main reasons.

First of all, if your flat has windows with a different orientation you will have a good illumination duiring all the day, secondly you will have also a good ventilation in a short time than a flat with a single view.

Immouble Laurina_Chalais

We designed Laurina building giving a special attention to this feature: the biggest apartments have three different views, while the smallest ones have two sides. In addiction, all the apartments’ living room have big windows to let the light in.

Immouble Laurina_Chalais

You can see an extreme example of this feature in Schenker Salvi Weber project.

Schenker Salvi Weber_apartment block

The architects proposed a residential building in Innsbruck where many apartments cross the building in its all extension, creating in the living rooms a view both on the road and on the interior courtyard.

Schenker Salvi Weber_apartment plan


Waste of space.

When you buy an apartment surface means money, so be careful that all the spaces are well designed. If you can buy a big apartment, skip this passage, but if you are looking for a small location pay attention to this point. Say no to long and straight corridor, no to big bedroom and bathroom.

Immouble Laurina_Chalais

If you think about it, saving space in bathroom and bedrooms allowed you to have more space in the living room, without giving up the comfort. If you have a small bedroom you can adopt many smart solutions to save space.

Lago_ bedroom

You can see an example in Lago bedrooms, where children bedrooms are organised with desks topped by beds.

Furthermore, compacting different spaces as bathroom and kitchen in a single block could create an interesting division in the living room, avoiding corridors.


Big terraces

Many apartments are designed with straight and long balconies, quite similar to corridors. These spaces are useless: you can’t place there only small furniture. Pay attention on terraces dimension, if you would like to put a table outside, you need at least 2.50 x 2.50 m.

Hotel_Crans Montana

In Chalais we have both big terraces and big windows, but if you want to dream see our project in Crans Montana, where terraces are also covered with vegetation giving you the feeling to be in a garden.

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